• PostHeaderIcon What A Wacky Winter!

    *Jackie Treehorn collectively comes out of a cave*

    Oh hey, didn't see you there.

    We're Jackie Treehorn, funk/soul/rock/disco/folk/jazz/metal band extraordinaire. Wow, is that the fucking sun? It's so bright! SHE BURNS! SHE BURNS!

    Anyway, we've been in a songwriting cave all winter, coming up with groovy new tunes and a brand new set for all y'all. Why? Well, because we're going to make a new album. AND we want to bring something saucy and delicious to our next summer tour extravaganza!

    Robson Valley Music Festival, Bella Coola Music Festival, Tinhorn Creek Winery Summer Concert Series? Yeah, we haz them.

    And we're going to be taking these new tunes on the road MARCH 30th to our favourite location, that provincial sensation, that reason for masturbation - the LAYBACK LOUNGE.

    After that, we will be organizing a big old Vancouver show. And then? Gee who knows, it's a pretty wacky situation.

    We're happing to be emerging with all the work we've been doing. We hope you'll like it as much as we do.


  • PostHeaderIcon Kispiox Crush

    Your friendly wayward Treehorn troupe officially survived the 1st week of tour.

    Good Man Friday:
    Pulling into the festival grounds, the Treehorners were confronted with a field of friendly tents. Naturally, this scared the timid(?) musicians who promptly found the most remote corner of the festival: right beside the groundskeeper and his small children. Gear locked up and 'refreshing' beverages procured there was nothing left to do. So they began to crush things.

    A JTH Recycling Lesson:
    In order to improve upper body strength, respect the environment, and maximize space, one must first acquire a minimum of two semi-large birch (or similar) rounds. Next, a can or several hundred from conveniently placed containers. The idea is to flatten the can(s) as creatively as possible.
    Some recommended methods include, but are not limited to vertical log crush, vertical log sandwich (club style highly encouraged), horizontal log crush, toss-n'-crush, multi-can-log Jenga stack crush, log-jammin', log-drivin', log-waltzin', or the thoroughly untested UHVHD or Ultra-High-Velocity-Van-Drop.

    The Morning After a Morning After:
    Sunday brought many things. Mostly hangovers, as Jackie Treehorn was given an ill-advised night off to enjoy the festivities. The band had obligations to facilitate a musical improv workshop following lunch. The bass player's idea to "phone it in" didn't hold much water on a site without cell service. He arrived half an hour late. The vocalists, wisely, decided not to associate themselves with the four… instrumentalists… and chose to cozy up to the clarinetist.

    Improvising an Improvisational Workshop:
    Combining their quarter-functional minds, the rhythm section managed to become one complete musician in the voice of Kerby, Adam. They/He in collaboration with the excellent Smithereens from Dubtonic and the supremely talented Joanna Chapman-Smith were able to convince random festival goers that they actually knew what they were doing.

    Individual Highlights:

    Kerby – "Huckin' logs."
    Kerby, Adam – "Music is a joke." (paraphrased) "Humor is escapist fantasy"
    Kman – "The Kispiox All-Star Band. Playing. For me."
    Nixon – "Oh, you wanna go another layer of subdivisions? Fine." (excessive triplets)
    Ash – "Free rides from funky steeds." (but mostly sleeping)
    Derek – "The Band Van 3000 Home Gym."
    Chels – "First Aid Beer"

    Fourteen-hour drive. Ow.

  • PostHeaderIcon Tour: Day One

    It was worse than Christmas. T-minus nine hours to departure and living rooms were scattered about with the fervent labors of Jackie-Tree-Elves packing the newly re-re-released CD's. Some, got drunk; others, drunker still. Eventually, a few Treehorn members decided to eschew all responsibilities and go draw pictures on the sidewalk.

    Jackie Treehorn we're on tour chalk sidewalk

    Miraculously, the work got done. The Band Van 3000™ seemed to load itself... Man my hands are chalky. Regardless, trepidation hung in the air; past experiences with an equally aptly named vehicle, fresh on the mind... waving our loved ones goodbye, we set forth.

    Twelve hours later we arrived without incident and under budget in Vanderhoof. Or as locals call it "the hoof".


  • PostHeaderIcon Jackie Treehorn says - "Let's Launch Over It!"

    Oh man. We are but a week away from departing our fair city to ramble into the North, and the East, then the South again. And then West. Because we are coming back. WORST INTRODUCTION EVER.

    Anyway, come help us launch our tour at the Kozmic Zoo on Saturns Day!



    Also, our new CD has the single "Bad Man" on it, which, oddly enough, is about a man who is not only bad, he is bad bad. Double bad means extra super bad. And not like Michael Jackson "Bad", like actually terrible. Anyway, it's a good song.


    I hope they don't revoke my website privilidges. OH NO I CAN'T SPELL PRIVIDISLGES ANYMORE!

  • PostHeaderIcon Jackie Treehorn Forcibly Applies Pressure To The Road

    Tour dates are up! And we got a few more still coming in. We got a great summer ahead of us.

    Hey, road trip on BC long weekend? C'mon... who's with us?

    In other news, Italian fans seem to be flocking to our facebook page with no readily available explanation. We say, Ciao and WTF?

    We love you so freaking much.

    -Jackie T.

  • PostHeaderIcon Jackie's Big Trip To The Kozmic Zoo

    Hey y'all!

    We're playing the Kozmic Zoo's One Year Anniversary Party tonight.


    $10 at the door, we go on at 9:30pm!

    Then we take another month-long break to work on more songs for tour, and get ready for two really great shows - The Railway Club with Whiskey Chiefs on June 22nd and our TD Vancouver Int'l Jazz Fest gig on Canada Day at David Lam Park! And then away we go into the lands of BC and Alberta.

    We hope to see you tonight, or next month, or even sooner (somehow). Maybe in our dreams. It's time for a band nap.

  • PostHeaderIcon Hey, Jackie. That's nice.

    Well folks, we're having a lot of fun. Tonnes of new tunes, our first TV appearance in the can, and a summer tour that is slowly falling into place are just a few of the things cookin' in the kitchen o' funk.

    We are recording a new single - hopefully it will be out soon. We've got two shows in April (check out shows for more info) and then we're taking a breather in May til the 26th.

    But expect us to be on the streets asking for your change and your time, as the good weather brings out the inner busker in us all.

    Jackie Treehorn gives you a hug and a smootch.

  • PostHeaderIcon Festivus for the Restivus

    Well it's been a banner morning here at JTH HQ. We're just putting our ink on the contract for the Kispiox Music Festival in Hazelton, BC, which we are looking forward to immensely. Especially since its just a hop skip and a jump from our lovely keytar player's hometown of Terrace.


    And just to make it all the sweeter, we confirmed with the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival for 2012! We'll be playing on the David Lam Stage at 3:30pm on Canada Day, so its sure to be a big crowd and a total party.


    We are humbled and ecstatic over today.

  • PostHeaderIcon Well Hello, February

    Faithful Treehorndogs, we salute you. Thanks for checking in with us. It gives us the special feelings, inside.

    February brings us lots of shows for you fine hohos and brohos, but you can read all about that in our Shows section. We are especially stoked to be returning to The Layback Lounge in Harrison Hot Springs for another raucous good time!

    We've been busy writing lots of new material, and more of that will be emerging as the weeks go by. Disco has been an integral ingredient. Stay tuned for a feature about JTH in the next issue of String Magazine, hitting the interwebs in the near future!

    That's about it from us. Much love, respect, and remember - party.

  • PostHeaderIcon Wacky Jackie Treehorn Hits 2012

    Oh yeah, dudes and dudettes. Jackie Treehorn is hitting 2012 hard with a few show announcements.

    We got a nice Friday Jan 6th at W2, opening for our homies The Boom Booms along with The Funk Hunters, Wepa! And a whole bunch of other DJs/Bands for a night of fundraising and awareness. The Belo Monte Dam Project threatens the Brasilian Amazon, and that is bad news for anyone who breaths air.

    Then on Jan 28th we will be fitting into Falconetti's for a sweaty night of raucous JTH groovin'. Just Jackie, and a whole wackload of our songs.

    Read up about it in our events section!

    We continue to churn out new material as we revolutionize the setlist. We appreciate your support and love as always, and can't wait to see what 2012 will bring... or what we will bring to it.

    Hint: We will be bringing the funk.